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Problem Statement

Every water supplier in Colorado has different watering guidelines making it cumbersome to locate the information needed in a timely manner. Today, this information is obtained by visiting the water supplier’s website, or placing a phone call or email to the respective water supplier which can often take a lot of time. It is also not always clear to both professionals and customers who or where to call with questions.

Project Goal

Colorado WaterWise (CWW)  has developed a framework for a tool that will help connect water providers with the contractors and landscape professionals that work within their jurisdictions and will ultimately promote outdoor water efficiency.

The project goal is to develop a Smartphone and desktop application to consolidate and house a considerable amount of utility code, ordinance and procedural information into a single application to display the most current information regarding outdoor water-use for both landscape construction and maintenance practices in a few simple clicks. The App will provide an informational vehicle for utilities to communicate with landscape field professionals in need of code, ordinance, or policy and procedure information. The App will provide a convenient one-stop shop for people who need mobile or desktop access to this information.

Project Overview and Background

Each year, the green industry manually creates an Excel spreadsheet (Exhibit A) to convey current outdoor watering guidelines, by water supplier, to its members. To populate the spreadsheet, each utility’s website must be researched to extract the necessary information and add it to the Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is informative but not always complete. Also, viewing the content is best reserved for a desktop computer, which is almost always not practical for the landscape professional out in the field. The development of the App will take a manually intensive process, and transform into an electronic easy-to-use application that is available to anyone with a smart phone. The App will provide timely information, thus minimizing unnecessary phone calls and emails to utility personnel. This App will be available in a desktop version as well which will provide even more detailed information for contractors and companies when not in the field. A rough overview of the type of information to be included (pending CWCB approval) is in Exhibit B.


CWW has partnered with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) and the Colorado Association of Lawn Care Professionals (CALCP) to sponsor the development of the App to help both water suppliers, landscape professionals and homeowners alike in supplying and receiving timely and important outdoor water use information. The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has also helped to guide and develop the project.

Project Objective

In today’s tech savvy world, people seek a faster and smarter approach to gathering information. Time is money for the water supplier and the contractors in the field. The development of this App will permit water suppliers in Colorado to upload their codes, ordinance and procedures, thus providing the user with unique guidelines for their respective service area. Updates or changes to utility guidelines will send a “notification push” to alert the user that a change has been made. Both supplier and user will benefit from increased productivity due to the quick and easy delivery of pertinent outdoor water use information. Several utilities have expressed the need to better communicate with the professionals working in their jurisdictions and those same professionals have expressed a need for the tool when CWW discussed the idea with them. The App is a tool that utilities want and is a tool that the landscaping industry needs. It’s a win-win for both sides of the equation.

“The H2ORegsCO App and Website provides a useful tool for tracking down applicable regulations in different municipalities. Sometimes these regulations can be distributed across several documents, or buried deep within a document, so we plan to use the App to expedite our search for applicable regulations when preparing water efficiency plans.”

  - Matthew Welsh, ELEMENT Water Consulting, Inc.

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