About the ICI Benchmarking Task Force (2006-2007)

With the support of a Pollution Prevention Advisory Board (PPAB) grant, northern Colorado water providers developed water use benchmarks for select ICI sectors in order to inform the water conservation process. The sectors studied included restaurants, schools, hotels/motels, and nursing/assisted living facilities. The group is currently in the process of disseminating the results of this effort.


Restaurants0.17-0.21 thousand gallons (kgal)/square foot
10.6-14.3 kgal/seat
Schools0.012-0.019 kgal/square foot
1.7-2.7 kgal/student
Hotels/motels0.079-0.165 kgal/square foot
30.2-39.5 kgal/room
Nursing/assisted living0.062-0.101 kgal/square foot
32.8-40.7 kgal/bed
25.4-39.6 kgal/apartment

The benchmarking results are conveyed in more detail in the following documents:

Other ICI Benchmarks


  • Susan Bilo, Aurora Water
  • Laurie D'Audney, City of Fort Collins
  • Judy Dorsey, The Brendle Group Inc.
  • Stu Feinglas, City of Westminster
  • Dr. Neil Grigg, Colorado State University
  • Larry Howard, City of Loveland
  • Seth Jansen, The Brendle Group Inc.
  • Mike Kostrzewa, PPAB
  • Paul Lander, City of Boulder
  • Sarah Legoza, City of Loveland
  • Ruth Quade, City of Greeley
  • Jim Reed, Denver Water
  • Anna Seder, Colorado Springs
  • Esther Vincent, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
  • Laura Wing, City of Thornton
  • Scott Winter, Colorado Springs
  • Sponsor

    The participants in this project would like to thank the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Pollution Prevention Advisory Board for supporting this project.