The issues of water quality and supply, when coupled, easily reflect the State’s top environmental priority according to the 2002 Environmental Conditions and Directions Study. Water conservation on a statewide level is challenging given the complex and fragmented system of water providers. Moreover, most conservation programs have historically targeted residential and irrigation accounts. As a result, industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) sectors in Colorado present an area of particular need for conservation programs.


In 2005, a group of water providers, mostly from Northern Colorado, instituted a series of efforts to collaboratively build capacity for providing water conservation services to their industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) customers. These efforts were organized under three projects.

The participants in these projects would like to thank the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Pollution Prevention Advisory Board and the United States Bureau of Reclamation for ongoing support of our collaborative efforts.

Opportunities for Regional Collaboration Between Water Providers

With the support of a Pollution Prevention Advisory Board (PPAB) grant, northern Colorado water providers aimed to increase industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) water conservation through a regional partnership. Learn more about the opportunities they found for water providers to collaborate...

Water Use Benchmarks for Selected Sectors

One of the primary strategies of the Action Plan was to establish a task force to develop ICI water use benchmarks for key sectors. With continued support from the PPAB, this collaborative effort to benchmark water use in restaurants, schools, hotels/motels, and nursing/assisted living facilities is currently underway. Learn more about ICI water use benchmarks in northern Colorado...

Technical Resources for ICI Water Conservation

With support from the United States Bureau of Reclamation, northern Colorado water providers are currently pursuing a number of other strategies identified in the Action Plan that generally fall into the category of direct technical assistance. This website, when complete, will represent the primary outcome of these efforts.

Current Participants

-Aurora Water
-City of Fort Collins
-City of Westminster
-Colorado State University
-City of Loveland
-City of Boulder
-City of Loveland
-City of Greeley
-Denver Water
-Colorado Springs
-Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
-City of Thornton