About Us

Colorado WaterWise provides resources to the Colorado conservation community. We connect stakeholders that are invested in water efficiency in the State of Colorado in order to foster integration and innovation of education and technology. We act as a forum to share ideas on successful programs; provide technical analysis tools; give access to regional water efficiency experts; and provide professional networking and educational opportunities.  


Colorado WaterWise addresses the state’s water challenges by improving water efficiency through connecting diverse communities, creating innovative solutions, and providing valuable resources to our members.


Recognized as a collaborative leader in water efficiency, we are creating a more sustainable water future for Colorado.

Core Principles

  1. Leadership: We empower Colorado to be a leader in water efficiency.
  2. Collaboration: We nurture collaboration in the water community.
  3. Education: We raise awareness of the importance of water for today and tomorrow.
  4. Innovation: We build and share resources.
  5. Stewardship: We foster the next generation of water stewards.

Strategic Goals

  1. Water Conservation Leadership: Educate members and the water community on water conservation programs and practices.
  2. Organizational Stewardship: Seek and foster flexible means to achieve a successful organizational structure
  3. Membership Development: Retain and grow membership and income to support our mission, vision and strategic plan.
  4. Effective Communication: Clearly communicate the role of CWW and the benefits that the organizatio provides in an effective and timely way.

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