2020 Committees
Membership Committee - Chair: Diana Denwood
Members: Melissa Brasfield, Don Drews, Natalie Miller

The Membership Committee works to ensure that Colorado WaterWise’s membership provides a basic level of financial support for the organization.  The committee defines membership benefits and values, sets membership levels, maintains a membership database, supports members, ensures that renewal information goes out in a timely manner, and works with the management team recruit new members. 

Newsletter Committee - Chair: Ruth Quade
Members: Melissa Brasfield, Diana Denwood, Margo Fergola, Zach Allen, Perry Wisinger

The Newsletter Committee is charged with producing the quarterly WaterWise newsletter.   Each issue has a focused topic and supporting articles and is published on the first of March, June, September, and December. WaterWise is an important communication tool, with current research, events and happenings within the Colorado water conservation community and beyond.

Colorado Water: Live Like You Love It Committee - Chair: Alyssa Quinn   
Members:  Courtney Black, Lyndsey Lucia, Jessica Ouwerkerk, Ruth Quade, Thomas Riggle, Laura Wing, Natalie Miller, Tyler Kesler, Eric Olson, Melissa Brasfield, Don Drews, Amanda Thomas
The LLYLI Committee aims to create water awareness among all Coloradoans through the development of a communication toolkit that can be adapted regionally. The first phase of the Toolkit was launched at the Summit event on Oct. 24, 2014. Visit lovecoloradowater.org for more information about LLYLI.

Educational Events Committee - Chair: Brad Brady
Members: Melissa Brasfield, Amy Volkens, Quint Redmond

The Lunch 'n Learn committee is committed to bringing insightful and educational events to CWW members and non-members alike. 

Annual Event Committee - Chair: Melissa Brasfield
Members: Katie Helm, Lyndsey Lucia, Alyssa Quinn, Ruth Quade, Thomas Riggle, Lindsay Rogers
The Annual Conservation Symposium Committee is responsible for organizing and executing Colorado WaterWise's annual event.

Colorado WaterWise hosts a 1-day event each year to engage and educate the community to help promote urban water conservation to professionals throughout Colorado.

The Annual Conservation Symposium Committee will deliver a successful annual event each year through implementation of the events project plan.  The project plan includes task such as (including but not limited to):  identify a theme, select a venue, audio and visual equipment, identify topics and speakers, develop a pricing strategy, develop registration platform, identify sponsors and sponsor benefits, marketing materials, and public relations,  document financials, award program and door prizes, and other key event deliverables. 

Tools Committee - Chair: Amy Volckens

Members: Courtney Black,  Eric Olson, Kevin Hartley, Linda Gould, Rick Schultz, Courtney Black, Lance Ackerman, Lindsay Rogers

The Tools Committee is focused on developing resources for use by utilities and end users to help advance and scale water conservation efforts. Two current examples of tools CWW has helped develop are the H2ORegsCO App and AWWA M36 Water Loss Audit Training. We are always looking for input and ideas on what types of tools may be helpful for the industry, so please share your ideas.

Website Committee - Chair: Diana Denwood
Members: Melissa Brasfield, Laura Wing
The Colorado WaterWise website communicates the organizational goals and objectives to members and visitors. The website hosts information about the organization, the Board of Directors, projects, technical resources, newsletter, and events. It also provides a platform for essential organizational functions including member and contact database management, membership registration and renewal, e-mail marketing, document storage, event registration, and online credit card payments.


Annual Report Committee - Chair: Katie Helm
Members: Laura Wing

The Annual Report Committee gathers data relevant to its accomplishments for the year and compiles it into an annual report.

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