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Resources and References

Disclaimer: Inclusion in the Resources and References section of this website is not, nor can be construed as being, an endorsement by Colorado WaterWise, and cannot and shall not be used as such by any party.

Colorado Native Landscape Coalition

The Colorado Native Landscaping Coalition (CNLC) is a growing coalition of mission-aligned organizations working in collaboration to advance policies that will transform landscaping across Colorado. 

Our Goals as a Coalition

Promoting landscaping with native plants for healthy ecosystems in Colorado.

  1. Local and state governments should promote native landscaping. There are many effective measures available to implement this, ranging from modified development codes, to financial assistance, to education, to demonstration projects. We stand ready to advise in this vitally important process and help Colorado make this transformation.
  2. The definition of “xeriscape” should be revised to prioritize the native plant palette. The term xeriscaping should be updated to explicitly recognize the many benefits of native plants.
  3. Landscape management practices should build healthy regenerative soils and support biodiverse ecosystems. To achieve natural resilience in Colorado landscapes, we should reduce ornamental turf areas, minimize pesticide use, adjust landscape maintenance practices to benefit wildlife, and boost the percentage of native plants on state, municipal, and privately managed lands.

The coalition has developed a number of resource and informational documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Document

Other Resources


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