Join the Board of Directors

Each year, Colorado WaterWise holds elections for new members of our Board of Directors at the annual meeting. These three-year terms are staggered and openings are available each year. The Board meets monthly and communication continues throughout the month by phone and email, as required. Call in capabilities exist for those Board Members who cannot attend a meeting in person. Board meeting locations change each month and an effort is made to accommodate members from locations across Colorado. 

    Some attributes of our Board Members include:

    • Committed to promoting and facilitating the efficient use of Colorado's water
    • Well-connected and possess the technical know-how to raise funds
    • Politically astute in legislative arena
    • Knowledgeable of Colorado water law
    • Self-confident and enthusiastic
    • Strategic minded with valuable insight
    • Responsible, hands-on and results driven
    • Dedicated to driving projects and/or participating on working committees

    As a Board Member, your commitment includes:  

                    • A minimum of one 3-year term
                    • Active participation in at least one committee and/or as an Officer
                    • Attend at least 8 of the 12 Board meetings per year, by phone or in person; Regular Board meetings are 2 hours
                    • Colorado WaterWise Membership
                    • Contribution of at least one newsletter article for the quarterly CWW publication.
                    • On average, non-leadership board members spend 8 hours each month on CWW activities.
                    • On average, leadership board members spend 10 hours each month on CWW activities.


    If you are interested in becoming a Board Member starting in 2020, please join us for our November board meeting (if possible), complete this interest form and send via e-mail by Thursday, December 5. Any questions can be directed to Melissa at

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