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Water Conservation Best Practices Guidebook

The updated Best Practices Guidebook is officially complete and available!

Thank you to everyone who contributed information, time and resources into this valuable resource update. The update streamlines the original fourteen best practices into seven updated best practices that reflect how water conservation has evolved over the last 10+ years and the industry’s current landscape. Geared toward water conservation professionals, each best practice includes information on why the best practice is important, implementation considerations, water saving estimates and costs, as well as case studies, examples, and additional resources.

This project was funded with support from the Colorado Water Conservation (CWCB) and the Colorado River District.

Beginning in fall 2022, Colorado WaterWise has been working on an update to the 2010 Guidebook and Technical Guide. This brought the guidebook up to date with the latest best practices and new technologies that have developed or evolved over the last 10 years. The updated guidebook will be readily accessible to the public on the Colorado WaterWise website.

This Guidebook update is made possible through two grants through the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Colorado River District (Community Funding Partnership).

From March - April 2023, four stakeholder meeting were held.  They provided an overview of the effort and sought feedback on:

  • Guidebook organization.
  • Input on Best Practices and content.
  • Supporting resource.
  • Case Study identification and examples.

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