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RMSAWWA Conservation Committee Meeting

  • Monday, January 09, 2012
  • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Castle Pines Metorpolitan District; 5880 Country Club Drive; Castle Rock, CO 80108

Committee Meeting Agenda 10:30 –10:35 Jan 2012 agenda.pdf

Panel of guests: Lonnie Burke, Stacey Smith, Bill Wobido & Mark Cassalia

Topics: CII audits, meter accuracy, high water bill audit program, low income audits and retrofits.

Moderated Discussion Questions:

1. Why does/doesn’t your utility offer irrigation audits?

2.Who do you offer audits to and why?

3.Do you perform audits in‐ouse or do you hire an outside company?

4.Are your audits a pre‐equisite for any other programs?

5.For large irrigation audits, how much is the landscaper included in the audit process? 6.How can we better empower the customer to implement the recommended changes? physical

7.Does your utility do any follow‐p to see if changes occurred (either consumption or assessment?

irrigation system/ landscape changes)?

8.What pieces of information are important to capture during an audit orseful for the water provider?

9.What information is most u

10.What information is most useful for the customer? Are these different? 11.Who conducts the audits? to be successful? Is it different for residential versus

12.What knowledge does an auditor need it save?

commercial properties?

13.How much water does an aud

14. Program successes, failures

Jan 2012 agenda.pdf

Call in number is available:
contact Emily Coll at 303-688-8330 for the number.

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