Reach influencers in the Colorado water conservation community with an ad in the Colorado WaterWise newsletter.

Members receive a discount based on their membership level

Platinum, Gold or Silver 20% Discount
Bronze or Copper 15% Discount
Individual 10% Discount
Student 0% Discount

Ads must be submitted to the CWW Advertising Committee by the following dates for inclusion in the following issues:

For inclusion in: Ad must be submitted by: Payment must be received by:
Fall issue July 15 August 1
Winter issue October 15 November 1
Spring issue January 15 February 1
Summer issue April 15 May 1


Submitting an Advertisement:

  • Ads should match one of the sizes listed above (in the linked document).

  • Please submit ad to the Colorado WaterWise Advertising Committee by e-mailing Ruth Quade. Upon receipt, the Advertising Committee will send you an Advertising Agreement and invoice.

  • Submit your ad as an electronic file. Electronic files must be submitted as a high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG or TIFF files; native Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign CS (not CS2 files) or PDF files. Emailed files must not be larger than 5MB. For questions, contact our editors Kim Frick or Ruth Quade.

  • The design, layout and printing of the newsletter is done using Windows computer platform. PC files that can be saved in the file formats listed above are acceptable. We can not accept files from Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word (except for text only), or Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Colorado WaterWise is interested in providing a reputable resource for its members on water conservation in Colorado. With that goal in mind, advertisements in WaterWise must concur or coincide with the mission statement of the Colorado Water Wise - to promote efficient use of Colorado’s water. Ads must be in good taste and must be water conservation focused as determined by the Colorado WaterWise Advertising Committee. Groups that advertise should be proven, respected entity in the field of water conservation.

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