Xeriscape Colorado

Xeriscape Colorado is a program of Colorado WaterWise. We strive to promote xeriscape as a beautiful, water-saving approach to landscaping in our challenging climate and with our limited water resources.

Why Xeriscape? Throughout the western United States, over 50% of residential water used is applied to landscape and lawns. Xeriscape can reduce landscape water use by 60% or more.

Efficient water use doesn't mean changing our lifestyle. It means reducing water waste, such as improper irrigation, and finding ways to achieve attractive, comfortable landscapes without excess water use.

Your landscape is an investment in your comfort and in the value of your property. A good Xeriscape will increase your property value by as much as 15%. Xeriscape can also reduce water and maintenance costs by up to 60%.

Xeriscape helps extend water supplies. When water use is restricted, inefficient water-thirsty landscapes suffer first. Protect your landscape investment by drought-proofing it.

What is Xeriscape?

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